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  • "We are a South African IP firm.  We recently filed a PCT national phase patent application with the assistance of Mr Matthew Allen of Allen IP Ltd, having been referred to him by one of our foreign associates.  Mr Allen has been at all times been extremely helpful, professional and prompt in his dealings with us.  He has furthermore kept us abreast of all important developments relating to the case.  As regards costs, Mr Allen's professional charges are competitive and entirely transparent.  I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Allen and his firm to any colleagues."

    Moore IP
  • "PSM places great values in its IP, which has helped us to sustain a reputation for innovative products, so when we noticed a business importing unauthorized copies of our patented fasteners we felt obliged to take appropriate action. That said, like most businesses, we must weigh the economic and other benefits of our IP against the costs and timescales of acquiring, maintaining and enforcing it. We were therefore open to Matthew's suggestion that, in the particular situation, there was the possibility of resolving the dispute satisfactorily without necessarily initiating costly and protracted court proceedings. Matthew commenced a comprehensive written correspondence with the infringer, which persuaded the infringer to settle the dispute within just a couple of months. The settlement met our primary objectives, in that the infringer agreed to cease infringing, deliver substandard infringements to us, and contribute towards our costs and damages."

    Tog Isaacs, President of PSM International - Global Sales and Operations
  • "As an amateur inventor I tried many options to obtain intellectual property protection for my new product. After having conducted interviews with five different patent attorneys and always feeling that the fee was the most important part of their agenda, I decided to write my own patent. This proved too difficult and at last I posted a question regarding IP on the website of Ideas 21. I was shortly thereafter contacted by Matthew Allen of Allen IP Limited, and from our first telephone interview I felt that he took an honest interest in my product. The fee that he charged for filing my patent was very reasonable and he took much of his own time to explain all the various terminology and procedures that I had previously struggled to understand. I provided a detailed description along with some pictures of my idea to him, and soon had the first draught of my patent in hand. We worked for a few more weeks to perfect the final draught after which my patent was filed. Ever since he has also updated me with information regarding pitching opportunities for my product and very thorough professional advice regarding further international IP protection. I would happily recommend Allen IP to anybody who is in need of a patent attorney."

    Eben Smith
  • "When registering a European trademark this year, we dealt with Allen IP and were very pleased with their service. They answered questions promptly and a depth of knowledge about the trademark process was evident. The entire process went very smoothly and were always kept up to date with the current status. We intend to use Allen IP for all our future European trademark requirements."

    Mr Chris Wilson, Founding Director of Grinding Gear Games, New Zealand
  • "We have found Allen IP Ltd to be a most professional and knowledgeable company during our dealings with them in connection with our EU Community trademark. All our questions were answered quickly and fully and their assistance was greatly appreciated. They provided a very good service at a reasonable cost. We would be happy to use them again and to recommend them to others."

    Accounts Assist Franchise Ltd