What is a trademark?

For the uninitiated, a trademark is a distinctive trading style that is capable of distinguishing your goods and services from those of others, and hence appropriate to be used to market your goods and services, e.g. Apple for computers, Coca Cola for beverages.

Unregistered trademarks

It is not essential that you register your trademark. In the UK it is possible to rely on the law of passing off to protect your unregistered trademark. However, an unregistered trademark can be difficult to enforce by this law, because you must prove the trademark has reputation, there has been a misrepresentation, and that you have suffered damage as a result. Do let us know if you need assistance in this area.

Registered trademarks

A UK registered trademark is generally a great deal easier to enforce. It lasts 10 years initially but can be renewed indefinitely. It may interest you that UK registered trademark No. 1 for BASS & Co's PALE ALE, filed on 01 January 1876, remains in force to this day.

Our registered trademark services

We offer a full UK registered trademark service including searching, filing, processing, renewals and enforcement.

We also offer a full European Community registered trademark service including searching, filing, processing renewals and enforcement.

Also, we can deal with internet domain name registration.

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