Competitor IP

- Patentability search

Check if your idea is new and inventive before incurring the expense of an application. 

- Patent infringement clearance search

It is important to note that a patent does not guarantee me the right to put the patented product on the market. This is because an earlier patent in the hands of another person may prevent me. For example, although I have a patent to a new mobile phone incorporating a solar cell arrangement, an earlier patent relating to the solar cell may prevent me from marketing my phone. Check if there are any patents that cover the product you want to put on the market.

- Monitoring a UK Application or Patent, e.g. to check if a renewal fee has been paid.

- Advising if you are/will infringe someone's UK Patent, and if their patent is valid.

- Preparing evidence and argument to obtain an official opinion from the UK IP Office on non infringement or invalidity.

- Preparing evidence and argument to revoke (i.e. knocking out) UK patents.

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