Dr Daniel Bates, B.Sc (Hons), MSc, EngD, RPA, CPA, EPA

Dan qualified as a Patent Attorney at a large Patent and Trade Mark Attorney private practice in the Midlands. Prior to working in private practice he was employed by Marconi Communications Ltd (now Ericsson) as part of the in-house Intellectual Property counsel team. In this role he gained experience of managing large portfolios of patents and extensive experience of patents in telecommunications technologies including optics, software, electronic devices, network architecture, computer implemented inventions, and processor technologies.

Before entering the patent profession Dan was employed by Airbus UK Ltd and Rover Group Ltd in research and professional engineering positions. During his time at Airbus Dan worked for the structural testing and non-destructive testing departments, and developed new non-destructive testing techniques for aircraft wing inspection specialising in eddy current, ultrasonic, thermal and X-ray inspection techniques. During his time at Rover he worked as a researcher into lightweight vehicle technology.

Dan has a Doctorate of Engineering, a Masters degree in Engineering Business Management, and an Honours degree in Physics. He is also the inventor for three patent families on new non-destructive testing procedures which resulted from his Doctorate studies. Dan also has comprehensive experience of lasers, semiconductors, macro-molecular physics, particle physics, acoustics, atmospheric dynamics, mechanical engineering devices, and advanced composite materials.

Dan has now set up his own Intellectual Property practice and is also a consultant for Allen IP Limited.